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Dr. Harris has received numerous awards and distinctions

  • including the key to the City of Titusville, Florida;

  • Honorable mention in the archives of the city of Riviera Beach,

  • Honorary Doctoral Degree from the International Men and Women’s Fellowship; 

  • Nominated (2x) in Who’s Who for recognition of Distinction for contributing to the cause of Civil Rights

  • Two award trophies from International Christian Women’s Fellowship for distinctive leadership service.

  • Citation from US Army (1978) as contributing to the excellence and cause of the mission of the United States Armed Forces

  • Honorary US Marine Recruiter. (1978-79)

  • Recognition from Palm Beach County Republican Committee for excellence in organizing the Presidential visit of President Gerald Ford:

  • A letter of Recognition from President Gerald Ford

  • Mrs. Harris served as Secretary to the Florida Black Republican Council for several years (1969-73).  Her elected position to district nine to the Palm Beach County Republican Committee led to appointments such as Chaplin to the Palm Beach County Republican Committee, and Florida State Republican Selection Committee.

  • 2 awards from International Seminary classes of 1988 and 1989 as Professor of the year (satellite class of Newark, NJ)

  • Pastor of the year awarded by the New Jersey Family Policy Council (2004)

  • Honorable mention from Newark City Council and letter of commendation from Mayor Sharpe James for implementing and hosting the Passion of the Christ movie, causing the Newark Screens theater to generate more revenue than in its inception. (2004)

  • Beth El Black History Award (2006)

  • Voted as one of the ten most influential women in Newark, NJ, 2008 


She holds a Bachelor of Religious Education & Christian Counseling and Master of Theology from International Seminary; a MS in Clinical Psychology, CCU, a PhD in  Christian Counseling: AACC Certification for Crises Counseling.  Dr. Harris served as an adjunct professor at the International Seminary where she began serving as External Supervisor in 1986. She has taught Americans and other nationalities through the Seminary.  Many have now become leaders, Moderators, Bishops, Apostles, Pastors and Ministers.


With over thirty years of preparation in studying the plight of the Biblical Hamite Peoples she was called over 17 years ago to re-introduce the “Feasts of the Lord” to God’s people by initiating teaching and finally participation in the Passover (Pesach)  Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot) Feast of Trumpets,  (Rosh Hashanah) the Feast of Tabernacles, and Yom Kippur (Sukkot). She has recently travelled to Israel and is now a beginning student in Talmud studies and the law of Biblical Kashrus


Among her service outreaches are:  Charter Board Member to Resident Minister’s  Alliance (ReMa), New Jersey Family Policy Council Clergy Advisory Committee, Faith Alliance, member of Family Research Council Network; co-founder of International Christian Women’s Fellowship (ICWF), affiliated with International Coalition of Apostles, Board member of the Daughters of Deborah, consultant to .CFC TV and radio ministry, Redeemed Pentecostal Fellowship, Memphis, Tenn., Founder of Men of Issachar Integrity, Newark, Drug, Education and Awareness (DEA) .  Member of Christians United for Israel, committee member of “a Night of Honor Israel, Advisory Board member of First Choice Pregnancy Center, Newark, NJ, AdoptAStreetPrayer Network, Harvest Global Evangelism, member of Community Advisory Board, Delaney Hall, Newark, NJ.  Mentor with Department of Correction (DOC).  She is also a Board member to West Ward Economic Development Corporation, Newark, NJ., member of West Ward Clergy Council to Mayor Ras Baraka and Sr. Pastor of Beth El International Church Ministries in Newark, NJ.   Dr. Harris was married to the late Lonnie L. Harris, a master carpenter, mother of two, grandmother of four; great grandmother of four, Godmother to three, counselor and spiritual mother to many young women and men. 

Reverend Dr. Gloria J. Harris


The Reverend Dr. Gloria J. Harris was born in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her life’s work experience demonstrates a wide range of interests and accomplishments.  She promotes the idea of getting to know ones self through knowing Yeshua, the Christ, Son of the Living God.  Her passion is to deal with life honestly and openly she synopsizes her story of dealing with depression in her inspirational book “Thirty and One Days of Meditation for Victorious Living”, she attributes her success to God, her grandmother Mother Margaret (Maggie) Billups Wyche of Athens, Georgia and her mother, Mother Helen /Bryant (McCoy) of Cleveland, Ohio. Their prayer and desire was for her to succeed where they felt they had failed. 

Dr. Harris served on of the editorial staff of the Photo News in West Palm Beach, Florida; News writer and editorial staff member of LocalTalk News Publications; in East Orange, NJ; Advisor to Christian Fellowship Council Television Network (CFC), Radio Show host; Co-Anchor for CFC Roundtable Television and Radio program.  She has also served in advisor capacity to the late Elder Tony Rozier and wife Dr. Linda Rozier Directors of the United Chaplains International Outreach Inc. 2006




  • (1978-1980) She also assisted the state of Florida in working with those who became refugees, fleeing from the tyranny in Haiti in the late 70’s and early 80’s


Her international work surfaced as 1st Vice President and Mother Evangelist Lillie Talison President of the Good Shepherd Mission of Haiti, when Vice-president Harris raised finances to feed over 1,500 adults in the mountain country and sponsoring food for over 200 orphaned children.  She also sponsored several high school students to complete their high school education, assisted in the completion of a church in the mountains and sponsored uniforms for children in a school in Leogane; her mission group sent food over to the island of La/Gonave.   Her major trips covered Petit Goave, Leogane, Petionville and Port-au-Prince.


  • She travelled to Nigeria, West Africa and taught in public arenas addressing issues on Christian ethics and unity among tribes.  Dr. Harris says she would not conduct any financial business to assist the churches or individuals if the preacher/ministers did not have their wives accompany them. 

  • She was invited as the first Woman to speak at the Last Days Messengers Church in Otampa, Nigeria. Her trips covered Port Harcourt and the states of Abia, Rivers, Lagos, Anambra, Imo and Enugu. Dr. Harris and Beth El Congregational Church sponsored several students to complete their college education at Abia State University.



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